Greek, 1928-2014

La ultima Spiaggia & Petros, Opera Grafica
mixed media on paper & folio of engravings


a. La ultima Spiaggia
signed lower right
signed and dated 89 on the reverse of the frame
mixed media on paper
55 x 75 cm

b. Petros, Opera Grafica quindici xilografie originali incise dal 1970 al 1972
publisher: Edizioni Grafic Olimpia-Milano, 1973
edition 13/99
56 x 42 x 6 cm
this copy has fourteen out of a total of fifteen wood engravings on Japanese paper


private collection, Athens

1 000 / 1 500 € (the pair)

Petros was born in Athens. Between 1949 and 1955, he studied painting in the studio of Yannis Moralis and etching with Yiannis Kefallinos, at The School of Fine Art, Athens. He continued his studies in Italy at the Instituto Statale di Belle Arti, Urbino and then at the Instituto Rizzoli delle Arti Graphiche, Milan where he eventually settled down.

His work evolves in the sphere of surrealism, such as the work of Max Ernst, Roberto Matta, and Victor Brauner, but is inspired from the philosophical quest of the pre-Socrates era.

In 1972, Petros starts a collaboration with legendary art dealer Alexander Iolas. He exhibited his work internationally in capitals such as New York, Geneva, Paris and Athens. Additionally, he exhibited extensively in Italy, his country of residence. In 1984, he had a solo exhibition at the Benaki Museum.

In 1983, his friendship with the poet Yiannis Ritsos led to a collaboration with Petros illustrating Ritsos’s book ‘Ο κόσμος είναι ένας’.

His work can be found at The Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, The Benaki Museum and in many private collections in Athens, Italy and internationally.