about us

ArtBlue, a pioneer in showcasing works of outstanding importance and provenance, was established by two art enthusiasts and collectors who seek to share their passion with a wider public.

Marinos Vrachimis, an architect by profession and art dealer by passion, conceived ArtBlue to be a premier showcase of Greek contemporary art.

In this new start, he is joined by Dimitris Karakassis, a senior management executive in one of the largest multinational company of its industry and an avid collector, who lives and works in Dubai, UAE.

With art being increasingly considered an advisable and profitable investment, ArtBlue, remains devoted to upholding its level of success by dealing with selected works of high artistic value, as well as offering unparalleled service and expertise.

The ArtBlue Greek sale is highly curated with works that can stand out and make a proud addition to any collection.

ArtBlue has a cross-sectional European representation with offices/representatives in Athens, London and Nicosia and sets a new precedent as a Greek sale auction house by exhibiting auction highlights in two European Capitals.


marinos vrachimis

dimitris karakassis

athens representatives

marinos vrachimis

dimitris karakassis

london representative

makis peppas