The Fashioncraft Jewelry Co. NY/Robert Originals Inc. (1942-1979)

The Fashioncraft Jewelry Co. was founded in New York in 1942 by Robert Levy, David Jaffe and Irving Landsman. In 1960 the company’s name was changed to Robert Originals Inc. but the company often went by the name Robert or Original by Robert.

The brand’s designs feature nature and floral motifs reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement using faux pearls, crystal beads and high-quality Austrian rhinestones set into elaborate gilded filigree metalwork. Robert Originals additionally produced collectable Christmas tree brooches and was well known for its high-quality enamelled jewelry.

Robert’s Jewelry was usually marked with a variety of marks used from 1942 to 1979 including, Fashioncraft, Fashioncraft Robert, Robert, Original by Robert.

Fashioncraft Jewelry was used in several Hollywood films, including the Oscar-nominated, Elia Kazan 1952 movie, ‘Viva Zapata’ starring Marlon Brando and Jean Peters.

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The Fashioncraft Jewelry Co., NY/Robert Originals Inc. | Daffodil Brooch