Stanley Hagler Jewelry (1953-1996)

Stanley Hagler (1923-1996) worked as an assistant of Miriam Haskell in the late 1940s and went on to establish his own company in 1953. In the early 1980s, he moved the company to Florida.

Hagler always used the best materials such as hand-blown glass, handmade glass beads, Swarovski crystals and gold-plated metal filigree. The stones and crystals were attached to the base by hand wiring with brass strung treads.

One of the most intriguing features of Hagler jewelry is versatility. In some cases the clasp of a necklace can be transformed into a hair ornament or brooch, a necklace can be a double bracelet, and earrings can take a completely different look with the addition or removal of parts.

Stanley Hagler counted among his customers the Duchess of Windsor and his collections were sold by high-end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

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