McClelland Barclay Jewelry (1935-1943)

McClelland Barclay was born in 1891. He began his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago and continued later at the Arts Students League in New York City, where he studied figure drawing and illustration.

A member of the Artists Guild, McClelland Barclay was an accomplished painter, illustrator, sculptor and jewelry designer. In the late 1930s he enjoyed success with his wonderful collections of Art-Deco geometric jewelry, his famous leave brooches, bracelets and necklaces. The jewelry was marked McClelland Barclay.

A US Naval Reserve officer and a war hero, McClelland Barclay tragically did not survive World War II as he was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

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McClelland Barclay | Geometric brooch embellished with Rhinestones