Mazer Bros. (1926-1981)

Mazer Bros. was founded by brothers Joseph and Louis Mazer in 1926 in New York. In 1946 Joseph Mazer left Mazer Bros. to form Joseph J. Mazer & Co, better known as JOMAZ, while Louis Mazer stayed with Mazer Bros. until 1951, the year of its last jewelry collection.

Mazer Bros. was known for its innovative stance on exploring new design and production methods. The stones they used were often made to order from Swarovski in Austria. One of their most well-known designers was the talented Marcel Boucher, who eventually left to setup his own company in the mid-1930s.

Jewelry produced from 1926 to 1951, was marked MAZER BROS, whereas Joseph Mazer jewelry from 1946 to 1981, was marked JOMAZ or MAZER.

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