Marcel Boucher Jewelry (1937-1970)

Marcel Boucher was born in Paris in 1898. He began as a mould-maker and apprentice designer for Cartier in Paris and was transferred in the early 1920s to Cartier in New York City. When the depression hit and the demand for fine jewelry waned, Boucher was employed at Mazer Bros jewellery. While there he became fascinated with the limitless design possibilities of costume jewelry and in 1937 he founded, together with Arthur Halberstadt, Marcel Boucher Ltd Novelty Jewelry.

Boucher’s pieces featured intricate metalwork, rhinestones, top-quality faux pearls and the artistry of his colourful enamel work. He gained fame for his imaginative enamelled pieces in the form of fruit, animals and human figures. His fantasy birds were glorious with their bright enamels, richly coloured stones and three-dimensional design.

In 1949, Arthur left the business and Boucher was joined by Sandra Raymonde Semensohm, a well-respected designer in her own right. In 1964 Sandra and Marcel were married and a year later he died. The company was sold in 1970.

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