Hollycraft/Hollywood Jewelry Manufacturing Company (1939-1971)

The Hollywood Jewelry Manufacturing Company was founded by Joseph Chorbajian in New York in 1939 and was soon joined by Archie Chorbajian and Jack Hazard, who had previously worked at CORO.

Hollycraft had a signature look with feminine designs using pastel-coloured rhinestones, either all in one colour or the popular multicoloured designs of the 1950s, set in antique gold-tone metal. In addition, Hollycraft was famous for making Christmas jewelry, now greatly favoured by collectors.

In the first decade of its activity, the company did not label its products, using paper tags instead. The Hollycraft mark was first introduced in 1948 and from 1950 onwards the brand also inscribed the year of creation on their jewelry, which means that pieces produced in that decade and up to the early 1960s can be securely dated.

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Hollycraft/Hollywood Jewelry Manufacturing Company Inc., NY | Green Rhinestone Brooch