Henkel Grosse Jewelry (1907-2006)

Heinrich Henkel and Florentin Grosse established their company in 1907 in Pforzheim, the German capital of jewelers. By the 1920s the company established the first business contacts in the United States. Ten years later they collaborated with French haute couture houses such as Lanvin and Schiaparelli and luxurious department stores such as Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue.

In 1937 they were awarded the Medal of Honor at the World Exhibition in Paris for innovative design and new technologies in their production.

In 1955, Christian Dior licenced Henkel Grosse for the design, production and sale of Dior jewelry , an agreement that lasted for over 50 years. Henkel and Grosse continued to produce their jewelry.

The company was led by four generations of the Grosse family until 2006 when the firm became part of the Dior group.

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