Jewelry by Balenciaga (1919-today). 

In 1919, the well-known Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga launched his first store in the Spanish city of San Sebastian, which was followed by outposts in Madrid and Barcelona. He shut down his Spanish stores in 1937 due to the Spanish Civil War and opened his fashion house in Paris.

During his time at an haute couture house, he produced runway jewellery that was frequently created expressly for his collections by Robert Goossens. These items are among the most desirable in collecting costume jewellery but are now extremely rare.

In 1968, Balenciaga closed down his Parisian workshop. He died in Spain in 1972. The brand was revived in 1986 and the first ready-to-wear collection was introduced in 1987. Jewelry pieces made to compliment these lines in the decade that followed are the most readily found and collected today.

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